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TBOU Forms New Business to Combat Mosquitoes in Houston

Texas Bugs-Or-Us has announced plans to start up Mosquitos Or Us, a company built on providing mosquito misting systems to residential customers in the Houston area. The news comes as Houston is preparing for the possibility that the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne infection that has plagued numerous countries, will arrive this summer. Plentiful stagnant water

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TBOU: Bed Bugs Are Driving People Crazy

Texas Bugs-Or-Us, the successful Houston-based pest control company, is ready to tackle any bed bug problem with state-of-the-art heat treatment and eliminate a problem that is driving people to the limit nationwide. Houston, Texas – Texas Bugs-Or-Us, a family owned and operated residential and commercial pest control company, has announced it is standing by to

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TBOU Recommends Avoiding Chemicals to Kill Bed Bugs

November 20, 2015) Houston, TEXAS — With a long history of treating bed bugs in the Houston area, Texas Bugs-Or-Us now suggests residents and business avoid using chemicals altogether. Chemical compounds such as pesticides have negative impacts on human and pet health and have limited effectiveness on eradicating bed bugs. The company provides customers with

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TBOU: Heat Kills Bed Bugs Better than Chemicals

Texas Bugs-Or-Us, a Houston-based pest control company, reveals that heat treatment is more effective at eliminating bed bug infestations than chemicals. Houston, Texas – A prominent Houston-based pest control company, Texas Bugs-Or-Us now uses and recommends heat as the most effective means to deal with bed bug problems. Heating ambient temperatures to lethal levels, according

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TBRU’s Industrial-Grade Radiant Heaters Lead the Battle against Bed Bugs

Texas Bugs-Or-Us employs an industrial-strength heat equipment trailer, with all the power needed to combat bed bugs as they continue to spread from one location to another. May 15, 2015) Houston, TEXAS — At the forefront of the bed bug fight in Houston, Texas Bugs-Or-Us now uses the latest, state-of-the-art equipment including an industrial-strength heat

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Bugs-Or-Us Combats Bed Bugs in Senior Care Facilities

Houston, TEXAS — Texas Bugs-Or-Us has announced it is ready to battle bed bugs in group living centers, senior care facilities, religious centers, women’s shelters, and foundation centers. Facilities in the Houston area have seen an increase in bed bug infestations. Just one of these pests is needed to start a problem. A single bed bug can

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