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What are scorpions?

Scorpions are arachnids belonging to the same category as spiders. Like spiders, they have eight legs, lack antennae and wings, and follow a carnivorous diet, primarily feeding on insects. Unlike spiders, scorpions can be identified by their front pincers and long tails, which possess a venomous stinger for hunting and defense. Scorpions have a flexible exoskeleton made of chitin, akin to shrimp shells.

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Are scorpions dangerous?

Fortunately, most scorpion species pose little harm to humans due to their relatively weak venom. Scorpion stings generally cause a bee sting-like sensation, resulting in tenderness and pain at the sting site for a few days. While all scorpions are venomous, only a few species are fatal to humans, none of which are found in Texas. However, allergic reactions to scorpion venom have been reported.

Why do I have a scorpion problem?

Scorpions typically inhabit dry and desert-like environments but may be pushed into urban areas due to new construction. Water sources that attract insects can also draw scorpions seeking an easy food source for your yard.

Where will I find scorpions?

The location of scorpions depends on the species and their preferred habitats. Some scorpions thrive in dry and sandy areas, while others seek refuge under rocks or in forested regions. When scorpions invade your property, they search for insect pests they feed on. Look for them near water sources, light sources, or areas with dense foliage on your property. Discover their hiding spots to address your scorpion issue effectively.

How to get rid of scorpions in Texas

If you're dealing with scorpions in Texas, use effective methods to eliminate them. Our professional services provide the solutions you need to address scorpion infestations. Trust us to keep your Texas property scorpion-free.

How can I prevent scorpions in the future?

Keeping your home protected from scorpions requires the expertise of a certified pest professional. At It's Bugs Or Us®, we offer reliable pest control programs to address scorpion concerns and ensure safety.

To make your property less attractive to scorpions, consider these preventive tips:

  • Clear brush, woodpiles, and debris from your property.

  • Turn off outdoor lights during the evening and overnight to avoid attracting insects that scorpions prey on.

  • Eliminate sources of standing water that could attract insects.

  • Seal all potential entry points to prevent scorpions from getting inside.

If scorpions infest your property or need advanced pest removal techniques, contact us at It's Bugs Or Us®. We are here to assist you!

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