Residential Pest Control



It’s Bugs-Or-Us specializes in residential pest control. We have reliable and experienced technicians who are trained on the latest pest control techniques. In addition, we offer customized treatment plans for fast and efficient pest control service. Most of all, you can be confident in our licensed, insured and guaranteed services! Our residential pest management services are a great option for effective pest control treatments. You’ll find that both the management and our service personnel are knowledgeable about the newest pest control methods available. For your convenience, we offer several solutions for your pest control needs.

One-Time Service

If you need a single visit to treat your home and property, our service team will provide a one-time treatment that comes with a 30-day warranty. Moreover, if you need additional service within that 30-day window, we’ll return to your home at no additional charge.


Quarterly pest control is a good option for busy people who want to save money. We’ll visit your home one time each season for a thorough inspection, complete exterior treatment and any necessary interior treatments. Most of our customers prefer this seasonal plan since our pest control is very effective.


Monthly services are very effective in treating your property for pests. We’ll inspect and treat your home every month to keep your place pest-free. This plan is best for people who have a very low tolerance for any bugs in their home.

General Service Plan

We also provide a general service plan that treats entryways, windows, garages or other areas where pests try to enter your home. From spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, ants and more, our general service plan covers any particular pest control that you require.

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