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Integrated Pest Management

Too often, exterminators take a scorched-earth approach to eliminating unwanted pests and insects. They leave the environment worse than they found it, exposing children, pets, and healthy lawns to toxic chemicals and pesticides that cause more harm than the insects themselves. Integrated pest management takes the opposite approach, destroying the current insect life cycle while also eliminating the next generation of eggs. Best of all, it is done using safer, all-natural methods that pose the least threat possible to the environment. Our focus is on providing organic pest control solutions that will strengthen your home against insects without sacrificing your health.

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Organic Pest Control Destroys Insects and Preserves Health

People hear “alternative pest control” and think they’re getting a watered-down approach to extermination. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our organic pest control products work better than chemical pesticides while remaining safe, non-toxic, and affordable. Every day, millions of children and pets are exposed to chemical inhalations intended for roaches, termites, and spiders. With our organic pest control products, you can get the same killing power without putting your family’s most vulnerable members in jeopardy.

Natural Pest Control –
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If you’ve been suffering under an infestation, it’s time to take a stand. It’s Bugs-Or-Us is here to help. Our natural approach to pest control has been proven in independent laboratory tests to be more effective than the leading chemical pesticides. Using cedar oil, our technicians can eliminate your unwanted pests without threatening your children with the dangerous conditions associated with pesticide exposure. Children are susceptible to the toxins in conventional pest control methods because of their weaker immune systems and developing bodies. By choosing natural methods over their chemical counterparts, you can protect your kids, keep your pets healthy, and maintain a population of helpful insects such as ladybugs and ground beetles. Turn to Bugs-Or-Us for all of your organic, natural pest control needs.