Texas Bugs-Or-Us Initiates Pest Control Program For Crazy Ants In Houston

Texas Bugs-Or-Us professionals have the knowledge and products to control an infestation of these exotic ants. Over-the-counter products and inside products available to homeowners are rarely effective, and even then only for a short duration.

Texas Bugs-Or-Us are pleased to announce that they have the products and knowledge to offer pest control programs for rasberry crazy ants in the Houston area. This exotic and invasive species of ant was discovered in Houston in 2002 and has been found in 14 counties at some level by 2009. Because this is a relatively new species, they are not yet well understood. One identifying characteristic is the sheer number of the creatures where an infestation has occurred.

A spokesperson for the pest control firm explains, “Control of Rasberry crazy ants in urban areas is not easy. Currently available methods provide only a relatively short period of suppression of the numbers. Generally, retail outlets that sell products cannot provide effective control of the creatures in the same way that is available to professional Pest Management Providers. The sheer size of the typical infestation is so large that control is short term at best.”

He continues, “We have the products and the knowledge to apply the right type of products in the proper way to manage the population in infested areas. Prompt action is important to avoid negative effects on electrical equipment and interiors of walls. The ants are harmful to humans and other animals. We will do a thorough and accurate examination of the areas where you suspect the creatures have taken over and offer a detailed plan of action for eradication.”

Homeowners can help in the control process by removing trash, debris, and unnecessary landscape elements, which is where the ant nests can be found. Any obstacles that would prevent the insecticide spray from reaching the infested area should be removed, outdoors and indoors. Homeowners should vacuum up any dirt and dust where the spray will be applied. Finally, when the dead ants accumulate, they should be vacuumed up inside and a leaf blower used outdoors so that the insecticide is not disturbed.

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