Texas Bugs-Or-Us Expands Commitment to Speedy Service

(Newswire.net — July 29, 2014) Houston, TEXAS — Texas Bugs-Or-Us has expanded its focus on speedy bed bug heat treatment and pest control. In contrast to local competitors with waiting periods as long as two weeks, the company provides much faster and reliable service. The hiring of a Spanish-speaking technician has helped make the bug controller’s service more accessible to more people in Houston. Each professional is personally trained by Calvin. The company’s owner, and expert in remediation of bed bugs, instills competence and a positive attitude in each technician.

Thermal Remediation is available to customers in Houston, San Antonio, Victoria, and Corpus Christi. The process is explained in English and on a newly launched Spanish webpage. These pages identify the scientific principles behind the non-chemical, non-toxic bed bugs heat treatment, which uses modernized equipment that kills infestations by raising the temperature of the room.

The company is so confident in its experience and service, it offers 100% assurance and a low price guarantee. Its speedy service is also enabled by an effective online contact system. Clients can sign up via an embedded online form. By providing basic contact information, they can send a time-stamped form and receive a callback within the hour during workdays.

Pest control services are not limited to bed bug treatment. Texas Bugs-Or-Us also focuses on roach control, as its team of experts have the knowledge and skill to eliminate cockroaches from homes and businesses. It can also remove ants, rodents, mosquitoes, and more. The organization’s heat treating website has a video demonstrating how the bed bugs Texas is known for infiltrate and what the treatment process does. In addition, real customer comments are available by scrolling the computer mouse to the top of the heat treatment site.

When it comes to bed bugs, Houston is at the epicenter of the battle. Texas Bugs-Or-Us employs professional technicians to do the job and also rents out heat treatment equipment to those focused on a DIY approach. For those who need a quick solution, the company is committed to low prices and speedy service.

More details on bed bug remediation, and the company’s pest control service, can be obtained by visiting Texas Bugs-Or-Us online at http://www.texasbugsrus.com

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