TBOU Recommends Avoiding Chemicals to Kill Bed Bugs

November 20, 2015) Houston, TEXAS — With a long history of treating bed bugs in the Houston area, Texas Bugs-Or-Us now suggests residents and business avoid using chemicals altogether. Chemical compounds such as pesticides have negative impacts on human and pet health and have limited effectiveness on eradicating bed bugs. The company provides customers with more effective methods such as heat treatment and periodic inspections by professional exterminators. In addition, it is the only company that offers a one-year warranty for bed bug jobs, available at an additional cost depending on the size of the treated home or property.

Calvin Thigpen of Texas Bugs-Or-Us said, “We offer the most effective solution for eradicating bed bugs. Sure, there are other ways that can be used in combination. At all costs, we recommend staying away from pesticides and other toxic chemicals for dealing with the problem.”

According to Texas Bugs-Or-Us, chemicals should be avoided for several reasons.

Lack of Effectiveness

• When a pesticide is used, bed bugs will scatter, avoiding the treated area. It’s impossible to reach every hiding place and the insects will find places it is safe for them. This scattering can also lead them into adjacent rooms and apartments. Also, they may return even months later as the chemical compounds break down.
• Pesticide resistance has become more commonplace. Pyrethrins and pyrethroids available in spray or fogger form are not recommended for this reason. While they’re the most commonly used substances to control bed bugs, these are having less and less of an impact on infestations.
• People have reported headaches, dizziness, vomiting, and even tremors when landlords have used pesticides, according to a CDC Health Advisory.
• Additional neurological symptoms such as numbness and visual problems may occur.
• Chest pain, heart palpitations, and other cardiopulmonary symptoms are possible
• Pesticides are particularly dangerous to children who are still developing. They breathe more air per body weight than adults and tend to put their hands in their mouths, even after touching surfaces laden with pesticide residue, increasing exposure.
• Dogs and cats are smaller and are more susceptible to pesticide poisoning.
• In general, bed bugs are harmless to humans, while chemicals used to kill them have been reported to cause illness and even death. As of 2013, the CDC confirmed 64 cases of acute illness from bed bug pesticides.

Chemical treatments for bed bugs should and can be avoided. Texas Bugs-Or-Us employs a portable-direct-fired propane heater that raises the ambient temperature of a room. The dispersed heated air kills bed bugs, their eggs, and other insects without leaving behind a hazardous chemical residue or damaging the home. To expand its reach even further, the company has commissioned a bed bug heat treatment truck that can quickly reach any property in the Houston area.

“It’s always best to go with proven techniques rather than tackle a complex issue such as bed bugs yourself,” Thigpen added.

For more information about safe and effective treatments for eradicating bed bugs, visit and contact Texas Bugs-Or-Us at https://itsbugsorus.com/.
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