TBOU: Heat Kills Bed Bugs Better than Chemicals

Texas Bugs-Or-Us, a Houston-based pest control company, reveals that heat treatment is more effective at eliminating bed bug infestations than chemicals.

Houston, Texas – A prominent Houston-based pest control company, Texas Bugs-Or-Us now uses and recommends heat as the most effective means to deal with bed bug problems. Heating ambient temperatures to lethal levels, according to the company, eliminates pests even in unreachable locations. When done properly this avoids permanent damage. It also avoids several pitfalls of using chemical treatments.

First of all, heat is much more effective against bed bugs. The pests hide in small places, which are out of reach of a chemical spray. Chemicals also:

• Cause bed bugs to scatter when they’re directly sprayed on. They are more likely to avoid chemically treated areas and scatter into deeper cracks and crevices.
• The bed bugs will hide until the chemicals wear off. They can go a year without feeding and survive until they can return.
• Bed bugs will seek out and proliferate in areas it is safe for them.
• Chemicals do not kill the eggs. Nymphs will avoid areas treated with chemicals.
• Bed bugs have become resistant to many common chemicals, enabling them to survive and even thrive despite treatment.

There is more. Many chemicals are toxic. Pesticides, for example, build up and many are considered safe, yet restricted, under some circumstances. Using them in bedrooms or other parts of the home means quite a bit of exposure. They can result in long-term health and environmental issues. Plus, any chemical treatment requires moving furniture around and lots of preparation time anyway.

“Chemicals have never been a good way to get rid of bed bugs,” Calvin Thigpen of Texas Bugs-Or-Us said. “Pesticides have adverse health effects with exposure. Bed bugs have become resistant anyway. Who would want to their life disrupted and time wasted on a treatment that has been proven largely ineffective?”

Heat: The Better Alternative

Texas Bugs-Or-Us uses a portable direct-fired propane heater to heat the entire room. This warms every possible location without leaving behind chemical residue or any compounds that could harm the environment. It also kills bed bugs wherever they hide and their eggs too.

The company also employs an equipment trailer with industrial-grade radiant heaters. The 16-foot tandem axle trailer has four heaters with capacities up to 1,400 square feet. It has loading ramps, tire changing tools, and 40 gallons of fuel, so it is able to reach customers across Houston and other metro communities.

Heat also:

• Kills all bed bugs and their eggs
• Reaches inside mattresses, furniture, and into walls.
• Avoids having to throw out furniture, beds, or whatever else is infested.
• Leaves no toxic residue.

Thigpen adds, “Heat is the much better solution. Our bed bug services use the latest in heating technology and are proven safe. We can also reach anybody in a timely fashion.”
Learn more about Texas Bugs-Or-Us and its bed bug heat treatment services by going to https://itsbugsorus.com/.

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