TBOU Forms New Business to Combat Mosquitoes in Houston

Texas Bugs-Or-Us has announced plans to start up Mosquitos Or Us, a company built on providing mosquito misting systems to residential customers in the Houston area. The news comes as Houston is preparing for the possibility that the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne infection that has plagued numerous countries, will arrive this summer. Plentiful stagnant water and damp soil make the area a breeding ground for numerous types of insects including the Asian Tiger Mosquito and the Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that can carry and transmit Zika.

There are numerous reasons why Houston residents should be concerned. Some of them include:

Aedes aegypti mosquitos thrive here in the summer.
People from all over the world pass through Houston’s international airport every day. These include immigrants from countries Zika is present in.
Poverty-stricken neighborhoods are ridden with trash, tires, and pools of water sufficient for mosquito larvae to thrive in.
Many homes in these areas are near such pools of water and not protected with window screens.

As of March 10, KHOU reported there had been 13 confirmed cases of Zika in the metro area. A man had returned from Honduras with the infection. Symptoms of Zika include fever, red eyes, joint pain, and a rash lasting a few days to a week after a mosquito bite. Most people recover without major complications. In pregnant women, however, Zika can spread to the unborn baby, which has been linked to a brain birth defect known as microcephaly.

So far, the only way to prevent infection is through mosquito control and avoiding being bitten. There’s also no vaccine or medicine to treat or stop the virus.

Arming Houston Against Aedes Mosquitoes

Texas Bugs-Or-Us knows the best way to protect residents is to keep mosquito swarms away. Its experts are trained and experienced with using misting systems that kill and repel the insects. Many mosquitoes have no problem laying eggs in old tires, buckets, and jars. The Asian Tiger Mosquito, for example, only needs an ounce of water for its eggs.

Calvin Thigpen of Texas Bugs-Or-Us, said, “Zika has the potential to be a real threat and keeping it out of Houston will be a tough challenge. We have addressed the concerns by launching a new business focused solely on combating the mosquitoes that transmit Zika virus. We will do our part to protect against the Aedes and minimize the impact to our city.”

Mosquitoes have been a major focus for TBOU. The company has also been widely successful in combatting bed bugs, termites, roaches, and many other infesting insects and animals. It offers various residential and commercial pest control services, employing some of the most effective solutions since 2001.

For more information about Texas Bugs-Or-Us, its existing services, and plans to combat the mosquitoes that transmit Zika virus, go to www.texasbugsorus.com.TBOU-Forms-New-Business-to-Combat-Mosquitos-in-Houston

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