Bugs-Or-Us Combats Bed Bugs in Senior Care Facilities

Houston, TEXAS — Texas Bugs-Or-Us has announced it is ready to battle bed bugs in group living centers, senior care facilities, religious centers, women’s shelters, and foundation centers. Facilities in the Houston area have seen an increase in bed bug infestations. Just one of these pests is needed to start a problem. A single bed bug can multiply into thousands in a short time, triggering a problem that goes out of control. Being these locations are highly traveled, it’s not difficult for a person to unknowingly transport insects from elsewhere.

Facility managers are currently at a stalemate. Bed bugs can prevail in sheets and mattresses, but are found other places they can find shelter. Despite their name, these blood-sucking, biting creatures can live in furniture cushions and carpets as well. This makes it challenging for facility managers even if they inspect infected areas. One recommendation is to train maintenance personnel on proper identification, but that still leaves the hard work up to the professionals.

They are brown, with a flat and round shape. Bedbugs can hide deep as they try to avoid light. They’re also identified by their fecal matter which looks like black dirt. A musky smell is common also. Bites can cause allergic reactions and contain bacteria. The company provides the services to eradicate any facility of these insects and the nuisances they leave behind.

To combat the bed bug problem in these facilities and that has plagued the entire United States, Texas Bugs-Or-Us employs an effective heat treating system. A portable, direct-fired propane heater is used to raise the temperature of a room enough to kill many kinds of insects. This heat is dispersed everywhere in the interior. No toxic chemicals and pesticides are necessary. Professionally trained, the company’s technicians only have to do one treatment to eliminate bed bugs. There is no damage caused by this process.

“Bed bugs are not limited to beds or even houses. They thrive in any environment they can get established in. Senior care centers, group homes, religious institutions, and women’s shelters in Houston have not escaped the problem. We are available to completely eradicate bed bugs no matter where they pop up,” said Calvin Thigpen of Texas Bugs-Or-Us.

More information is available about Texas Bugs-Or-Us and its effective pest control methods, which can restore normalcy in local group homes, senior care centers, women’s shelters, religious facilities, and more affected by bed bugs, at http://www.texasbugsrus.com/.

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