Bed Bug Heat Treatment; Kill The Bugs Not Those Forced To Live With Them

Bed Bug Eggs

With bed bugs getting national attention lately, some of us are willing to do anything to get rid of them. So at the first mention of heat treatment to eliminate the miniature demons; it’s easy to get images of flame throwers when first hearing the term “heat treatment” in connection with extermination.

In reality it’s merely a matter of raising the ambient temp in the room to a level that makes it deadly to the little beasties. Fortunately for us that temp is 150°F. If done by a knowledgeable professional there will be no danger at all to life or property.

Once the temperature is raised to the needed level adult bugs, mid-stage nymphs and even the eggs are eliminated. Your living area and its furniture will be cleared of infestation without the use of harmful chemicals or any other product that may be dangerous for you, your children, and pets.

Before the process begins you’ll need to remove anything from the area to be treated that cannot survive in temps near 140°. Things to consider removing are spray cans; they can be a fire and explosive hazard. Some foods that may not need regular refrigeration and are safe at room temperature can be harmed by the climactic increase delivered with this treatment. Candles and arts supplies are certainly at risk. Medications will need to be protected and even some musical instruments can be damaged by the heating process. If you have any concerns you should contact the makers of whatever things you are concerned about.

Insecticides will be used on the outer surfaces of walls so any bugs not in range of the heat process will be deterred from entering your newly cleansed living and sleeping areas.

The process is monitored during the heat treatment using computers. Workers move the contents of the room around to make sure every possible place the bugs may want to hide from the heat is exposed to the cleaning process. At least 4 large heaters are used to generate the temps needed to fill the areas being treated with the warmth that will remove the infestation. The heat must also be effectively circulated and often 10 or more fans will be used to send the heated airflow throughout your living quarters.

With no tenting for the concentration of chemicals the freshly exterminated area is livable as soon as the process is completed. Heat treatment has proven to be close to 100% effective. The cost is a bit higher than using toxic chemicals in interior living spaces. However, considering the desire to be green along with the convenience; heat treatment adds up to monetary and environmental gains.

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